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The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove: A Novel
Released June 20, 2015

A suspenseful, psychological thriller revolving around various central characters who struggle with their own personal conflicts. The outcome of their decisions lead each one down a figurative "crooked road" into darkness and despair. But who will come out on the other side without consequence or harm?

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Americana: A Novella
Released January 1, 2016

Dennis, a fifty four year old, down on his luck short-order cook, encounters a stunning young female who immediately adds excitement to his mundane daily life. With a toughened exterior, yet lonely heart, he's willing to look past her promiscuous lifestyle for the sake of maintaining a relationship with her, but their growing romance opens up old wounds for Dennis. While his new girlfriend seems too good to be true, he eventually discovers that she has ominous intentions.

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My Peculiar Family: An Anthology
Released August 1, 2016

An Anthology of Horror, Mystery and the Macabre from the folks who bring you the Sci-Fi Saturday Night Podcast every week. This collection of creepy tales by such popular authors, including, Tracy Hickman and Christopher Golden, is now available. "Crowninshield's Apothecary" by Rob Watts is included in this exciting new project.

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Tricks and Treats: An Anthology
Released September 1, 2016

Some of Connecticut's finest authors—from the eighteen hundreds through today—showcase their spookiest tales in this collection. Discover some lesser-known works from literary greats Twain, Gilman, Stowe, and Brainard, and chilling stories from contemporary authors Crandall, Foley, Longo, Munson, Schoonover, Strong, and Valeri. This collection will make you proud to be a Nutmegger. "Connecticut authors, you scare the hell out of me, but I grow to love you—more and more, with every creepy tale." From the foreword by Rob Watts, author of AMERICANA and THE CROOKED ROADS THROUGH CEDAR GROVE

Available in Paperback and on Kindle at Amazon.com
Book Signing 101: An Author's Guide (The Do's, Don't s & Expectations Involved in Professional Book Signings.)
Released: Jan 1, 2017

Are you an author? Do you have a new book that you're looking to promote to potential new fans? Have you considered venturing out into the book signing circuit? Maybe you've thought about it for a while but haven't been sure how to go about it. Perhaps you're reluctant because you don't know what to expect. Book Signing 101: An Author's Guide gives you a simple and straightforward breakdown of everything involved in book signing events, from where to hold your event, what to have with you, what to avoid, how to save money, how to carry yourself like a professional author and much more.
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Worcester, Massachusetts: Promoting, Americana.
Danvers, Massachusetts: Promoting The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove (Hardcover Release.)
Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Promoting, Americana.
Methuen, Massachusetts: Promoting, The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove.
Danvers, Massachusetts: Promoting, The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove.
Promoting, The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove.
Haverhill, Massachusetts: Promoting, The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove.
Manchester, New Hampshire: Promoting Snowpocalypse.
Denville, New Jersey: Promoting The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove (Hardcover.)
Danvers, Massachusetts: Promoting CRABAPPLES.
Morristown, New Jersey: Promoting, The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove.
Worcester, Massachusetts: Being interviewed for Sci-Fi Saturday Night Podcast.
Manchester, New Hampshire: Promoting, Snowpocalypse with co-author, Susan Saunders.
Belmont, Massachusetts: Promoting, Carman.
Nashua, New Hampshire: Promoting Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove and Snowpocalypse with co-author, Susan Saunders.
Danvers, Massachusetts: Promoting, Left-Hand Path.
Nashua, New Hampshire
Colchester, Connecticut: Promoting, CRABAPPLES.
Hebron, Connecticut: Promoting, Huldufolk.
Left-Hand Path
Providence, Rhode Island: Promoting, Left-Hand Path.
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Music Credits : Book Soundtracks

2016- Americana

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