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The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove: Paperback Re-Release
April 14, 2017
The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove: A Novel
Re-Released April 14, 2017

A suspenseful, psychological thriller revolving around various characters who struggle with their own personal conflicts. The outcome of their decisions lead each one down a figurative "crooked road" into darkness and despair. But who will come out on the other side without consequence or harm?
There's an unsettling anomaly dwelling in the picturesque New England town of Cedar Grove. Kathleen, a seventeen-year-old newcomer to the town, is harassed and bullied by her classmates. Alex and Bethany purchase a beautiful home for well-below its value, only to discover that the reduced price offers them more than they bargained for. Brian develops an infatuation with a girl he finds online, but she's not who he expects. There is a sinister presence silently twisting their fates together on the crooked roads through Cedar Grove.
Product Details:

Dimension Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Page Count: 300
Catalog #: OVP-21
Genre: Thriller / Suspense 
Here's What People Are Saying About The Book!

"This novel is sure to captivate fans who enjoy nightmarish twists and sinister mayhem." Gina Fava, Author of "The Sculptor"

"The level of unease, mistrust and rising indignity between the characters kept tension in the pages and ensured that there was never a dull moment." Katherine Silva, Author of "The Monstrum Chronicles"

"The quality of the writing is wonderful. Part thrill ride, part terror nightmare...this is one very well-written book." Sci-Fi Saturday Night

"The main theme of delay in timely and appropriate justice which lets the criminals run scot-free has been addressed powerfully." Ranjana Kamo, Author of "God Walks My Dreams."

"The reader is pierced by an uneasiness that grows stronger as the nightmarish tale is slowly revealed. It becomes impossible to put down." Nika Cantabile, Musician.
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