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Charms: Four Stories of Female Revenge
September 30, 2017
"Rob Watts' Charms is a searing look at relationships going wrong. It is the literary screech of brakes that makes you turn, knowing you may witness an accident you may not be able to unsee." — Manhattan Book Review
“The alacrity with which Rob Watts slips into the minds of women wronged, scorned, betrayed, and bent on revenge is both impressive and unsettling. Charms is a delightfully disturbing trip into the darkest corners of the female psyche.” — Stacey Longo, author of Ordinary Boy
Charms: Four Stories of Female Revenge

In this seductive and chillingly vengeful collection of short fiction, Rob Watts, award-winning author of Americana, depicts four morally bankrupt men and the scathing and contemptuous women who take out their revenge in the most outrageous methods. Their terrifying descent into madness and their lust for revenge makes for a truly mesmerizing thrill-ride. 

Recently Separated - An online match gone wrong. From their first date, there's an instant attraction between Jerry and Ruby. They seem like a match made in heaven, until Jerry gets caught in a lie and sends Ruby into a psychotic rage.

Carman - A late-night drive turns troublesome when Bill decides to pick up a seemingly harmless young girl stranded on a deserted country road. When his passenger informs him of her sinister intentions, Bill must make a quick decision that will save his marriage or cost hime everything.

Nantasket Beach - Jenna and Pete have a happy marriage, a successful business and a beautiful beach house. Secrets, however, tear it all down and their cheerful and sunny lifestyle quickly turns into a dark and depressing mess. 

Americana - Dennis, a down on his luck short-order cook, encounters a stunning young female who immediately adds excitement to his mundane daily life, but their growing romance opens up old wounds for Dennis. While his new girlfriend seems too good to be true, he eventually discovers that she has ominous intentions.
"Charms gives a fresh look on your worst nightmares, in its tales intertwined with lies, love, loss and revenge. The stories enthrall, bringing forth a variety of deep emotions to the reader." — Nika Cantabile, fantasy violinist and author of Hotaru's Road
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Product Details:

Dimension Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Page Count: 250
Catalog #: OVP-22
Genre: Thriller / Suspense 
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