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The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove: A Novel

A suspenseful, psychological thriller revolving around various characters who struggle with their own personal conflicts. The outcome of their decisions leads each one down a figurative "crooked road" into darkness and despair. But who will come out on the other side without consequence or harm?
There's an unsettling anomaly dwelling in the picturesque New England town of Cedar Grove. Kathleen, a seventeen-year-old newcomer to the town, is harassed and bullied by her classmates. Alex and Bethany purchase a beautiful home for well-below its value, only to discover that the reduced price offers them more than they bargained for. Brian develops an infatuation with a girl he finds online, but she's not who he expects. There is a sinister presence silently twisting their fates together on the crooked roads through Cedar Grove. Read More...
In this seductive and chillingly vengeful collection of short fiction, Rob Watts, award-winning author of Americana, depicts four morally bankrupt men and the scathing and contemptuous women who take out their revenge in the most outrageous methods. Their terrifying descent into madness and their lust for revenge makes for a truly mesmerizing thrill-ride. Read More 
"Rob Watts' Charms is a searing look at relationships going wrong. It's the literary screech of brakes that makes you turn, knowing you may witness an accident you may not be able to unsee." — Manhattan Book Review
CHARMS: Four Stories of Female Revenge
A Collection
Coming in 2024!
Focus of Attention
A Novella

When Emma's marriage comes to a grinding halt, she moves from her trendy Boston apartment to a remote cabin in Western Massachusetts along The Road, an area rife with urban legends. Desperate to escape the memories of her soon -to-be-ex-husband and anxious to reinvent herself, Emma ignores the warnings of the notoriously evil road, and forges ahead with her new life plans. Little by little, however, the surrounding folks and menacing elements seem to break her upbeat spirit, and more and more, The Road robs her of her sanity. Will Emma overcome the obstacles put before her, or will she fall victim to the menacing depths of The Road?