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The Sounds from Boston (2007)
Currently Unavailable

A detailed overview of Boston's vibrant music scene, from the 1960s to present time. Drawing from research and one-on-one in-depth interviews with music artists, radio personalities and venue owners, this historical documentation offers a broad spectrum of what Boston and the surrounding communities had to offer musically.

Includes Interviews and Blurbs by:

Brad Delp & Barry Goudreau of the band BOSTON

Harry Sandler, Eric Gulliksen. Jack McKennes & Steve Martin---Original Members of the band ORPHEUS

Charles Laquidara of The Big Mattress (WBCN, WZLX)

Kay Hanley of the band LETTERS TO CLEO

Rich Cronin of the band LFO

Ben Deily---Founding Member of the band LEMONHEADS


Dave Bass of the band THE YOUNG SNAKES (Aimee Mann's original band pre- Til' Tuesday)

Living Syndication

Kat McGivern

Patti DeRosa
Left- Cover shoot for front over. Taken at the Boston nightclub formerly known as Axis. Shown here backstage with the now-defunct Boston area band Living Syndication. Photo by the late John Barton.

Top left- With Nik Carter and Adam 12 in the old WBCN studios.

Top Center- With Brad Delp

Top Right- With Aimee Mann

Bottom Left- With Tonya Donnelly of the band BELLY & THROWING MUSES 
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