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July 7th, 2015: Write a Revolution
June 27th, 2015: Sci-Fi Saturday Night
May 28th, 2014:Ginger Nuts of Horror

Mar 27th, 2014: Awesome Gang

Dec 7th, 2013: Sci-Fi Saturday Night

Oct 25th, 2013: Rainy of the Dark

Oct 13th, 2013: The Flopcast

Aug 20th, 2013: Stand Out Books

Jan 14th, 2013: Write A Revolution

Jan 12th, 2013: Author Spotlight

Nov 28th, 2012: Wednesday Spotlight

Nov 17th, 2012: Sci-Fi Saturday Night

Sept 2nd, 2012: The Electric Chair

June 18th, 2012: Scary Scribes

Dec 31st, 2011: Sci-Fi Saturday Night
Feb 13th, 2016: Sci-Fi Saturday Night