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Seventeen year old Kathleen was new to the small town of Cedar Grove, Massachusetts. Pretty and intelligent, she was a normal teen who enjoyed the same things as her new peers. Kathleen, however, had a dark secret, which partitioned her from her fellow classmates. Once her secret was known, some local bullies took a disliking to Kathleen and made life in her new town a living hell. The bullies, however, had soon discovered that they'd tortured the wrong person, and one-by-one, had paid the ultimate price. 

Cover Designed by Rob Watts

Limited Print Edition of 250 Copies

Signed and Numbered

Includes a FREE Book Soundtrack CD

Print Edition SOLD OUT

Kindle Edition: Currently Unavailable

# 6 on Amazon's Top 100
Front and Rear Cover Photo by K. Pope From The CRABAPPLES Photo Sessions
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