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January 1, 2016
Dennis, a fifty four year old down on his luck, short-order cook encounters a stunning young female who immediately adds excitement to his mundane daily life. With a toughened exterior, yet lonely heart, he's willing to look past her promiscuous lifestyle for the sake of maintaining a relationship with her, but their growing romance opens up old wounds for Dennis. While his new girlfriend appears too good to be true, he eventually discovers that she has ominous intentions. 
Product Description:
Limited Edition Leatherette Paperback w/ Playable Vinyl Album Book Cover.
Includes "Americana Theme" performed by Rob Watts.
5x7 Dimension Size
124 Pages
Signed & Numbered by the author
Catalog # OVP-18
Only 50 Copies Produced
Physical Edition w/ Vinyl Album Book Cover is now
Sold Out!